Friday, October 28, 2011

Flippin' Out! - Creighton Hulse


Creighton Hulse demonstrated how he used Flip Cameras for formal and informal assessment in his Spanish classroom at Coppell High School.

Google in the Classroom - Creighton Hulse

Creighton used various Google Apps with his Spanish students at Coppell High School to increase efficiency and add relevance in the classroom.  For example, he created a Google Form that the students had to fill out while watching other student's presentations.  The results were embedded on his website so they could see the comments populate live.

Spice up your lessons with easy Smartboard tools - Jessica Caviness

Jessica Caviness shared SMARTBoard presentations she has created to use with her classes at Coppell High School. Jessica showed how she gets her Geometry students out of their seats for some fun, engaging and interactive learning.

Kingdom Animalia Children's Books: Service Learning Project - Sunny Richardson

Sunny Richardson's ninth grade Biology students from Coppell High School created children's books introducing animals to elementary students and shared the books via video conference.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

QR Code Problem Solving - Karen Gullatt

Karen Gullatt's 2nd graders at Cottonwood Creek Elementary experienced problem solving with a twist. Ms. Gullatt hung QR codes around the school and students used a QR code reader app to scan the codes and read story problems for math. Students then worked in teams to solve the problems.

Web 2.0 with 3x3 Links - Jennifer Greever

Jennifer Greever at New Tech High works with 9th graders in a class called Virtual Business.  Jennifer uses many web 2.0 sites with her learners.  She spent her time showing a few of the sites that her students enjoyed using in the projects.  The sites that she went over are Pinterest, MyFakeWall,, MyCuePrompter, Wordle, Fake Twitter Wall, Issuu and Poll Everywhere.

Google Docs - Kelly Coleman

Google docs at Town Center Elementary were used for various engineering projects, science and math assignments for the students to collaborate and share information in 4th grade.  The students used the “draw a picture” tool to create schematic diagrams for an electricity unit or create their design for a water filter to clean the Ganges River.  They also utilized the docs to share with other students and add sticky-note comments about their ideas. We also used Google Docs as an interactive notebook.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Poll Everywhere - Kelsey Donahue

To help students understand the grading process and rubric for the Elementary Personal Project, Kelsey Donahue, who teaches 5th grade at Denton Creek Elementary, led a team of teachers who presented projects for students to grade. She provided the students with rubrics and had students use Poll Everywhere on iTouches to submit their scores for the teachers' projects. Once submitted, the students discussed the results which were posted on the Smart Board.